Secure Lanes

Meet The Techs

Malcom Lane, C.E.O.
Malcom Lane is the Founder and CEO of Secure Lanes, LLC.
As Chief Executive Officer, Malcom is responsible for all sales and operations of Secure Lanes. Including end-to-end management of job assignments, sales activities, and service and support to ensure that the company meets the highest standards of quality from a service provider.
Prior to creating Secure Lanes, Malcom served as a Property Manager and Accountant for several years at Lane Enterprise International. After earning his bachelor degree from Florida A&M University, Malcom created a cyber support group and mentored kids on the benefits of using the internet effieciently. 
Malcom serves as the Head Technolgist for Secure Lanes and is currently persuing his Cisco Certified Network Associates certification to further his networking knowledge and to help people better connect to the internet, securely.
Jamal Lane, C.H.O. 
Demetris Lane, C.F.O. 
Jamal Lane is Secure Lanes's Chief Hardware Operator. As CHO, Jamal is responsible for the planning, distrubuting and handling of materials and service equipment. 
With years of hardware experience, Jamal is more than capeable of handling various service jobs. Prior to joining Secure Lanes, Jamal founded and managed   AAA Appliances & A/C Repair.
Demetris Lane is Secure Lanes's Chief Finacial Officer. As CFO, Demetris oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning, analysis, treasury, M&A, investor relations and payroll accounts.
After recieving his Masters in Business Adminiistraion, Demetris began his career as a finanical advisor.
D'Andre Stringer, Project Manager
Jasmine Lane, Marketing Manager
As Secure Lanes's Project Manager, D'Andre responsibilities include the planning, execution and closing of all projects. His leadership skills are matched only by his compassion towards completing jobs successfully. D'Andre is also responsible for building teams and informing them of their daily job tasks.
As Secure Lanes's Marketing Manager, Jasmine is responsible for research, development, posting and promoting of Secure Lanes's content locally and online. Jasmine also manages the excecutive calendar, including: appointmetns, subscriptions, ongoing content strategy and internal and external events.
I.T Manager
Technolgy Specialists
We're looking for an Information Technology Manager, one who is responsible for teaching and breifing our Technology Specialists on job duties, responsibilities and professional developement. 
Must have a broad knowledge and understanding of technology and know how to translate it so that it is understanble to  anyone..
Join our team of Tech Specialists who share the common goal of making technolgy understandable and usuable for all of our customers.
Providing top of the line service and support 24/7. 
If you are enthusiactic about technology and would like to be apart of something great, then Secure Lanes is the right destination for you!