Secure Lanes


Acceptable Methods
  • Credit/ Debit Cards/ Paypal 
  • Bank Transfers
  • Checks
  • Cash
“Full Service Jobs” (Materials, Labor & Services Fees)
(100% Material Deposit) (No Exceptions!)
  • The Deposit is needed to cover cost of all Materials. 
  • Deposit has to be paid in full before we can provide our services.
“You Buy, We Install” (Labor & Services)
 ($25 Deposit for House Calls)
  • If you’ve already purchased the necessary materials and only need them installed, a materials deposit will not be needed.
  • However, In order for our Tech Specialists to come out, a fee will be charged towards the total.
No Appointment” (Maintenance  Fee)
($20 will be added to total)
  • Failing to schedule an appointment online will result in a fee.
"Email and Social Media Consultations" (No Fee)
  • Free
* Fees can be paid online or in person.
* House Call service fees are waived for Subscribers of the 1 year or 2 years plans ONLY.